Indigenous E3

Cultural Knowledge enhances what we do best, it informs our decisions and helps to build communities where we all thrive.

People based economy.

From the largest corporations to the smallest coffee shops, businesses are starting to realize that it is people who drive economies. It is recognizing the differences in those people that you achieve not only success economically, but socially.

Culture, reconciled.

Things are changing rapidly everywhere, markets are rising and heaving, climate change is a reality, roads to the north are being entertained and culture is being reconciled and integrated at all levels of society.

Sustainable development.

We're a catalyst for progressing reconciliation through the development of sustainable communities and projects that will generate opportunities by advancing projects, closing the infrastructure gap and empowering communities.

How we work

IndigenousE3 represents the best and brightest reconciling business with Indigenous Knowledge and informing you on the proper ways to move forward with your business and projects. We can help you adapt, with national level engineering and creative talent behind our approach, we can help you succeed.  And our approach is being recognized at all levels of government.

We are in a new time, with new lines of thinking and cultural knowledge, we bring that to the table, and it is that shared approach combined with our project and engineering history that not only makes us stand out. It makes us successful.

Work with us and make our success, your success.


Engineering to us is not just thinking boldly, proudly and differently, which we do, it is recognizing that engineering is for people and for enhancement of the human condition.


Our scientific and engineering teams work closely with indigenous communities to solve strategic issues and make strategic decisions from an indigenous communities perspective


We base our process off of your communities values, protocols and laws. We understand what those protocols are, how the Indigenous government itself works and how they work directly with the community to gain feedback and input.


Through engaging early, openly and honestly we deliver reliable, innovative solutions that enhance the development and success of Indigenous businesses and help our partners build sustainable economies in Indigenous communities

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