We gather indigenous knowledge and community values upfront to inform, plan and to develop projects in a creative way.

Community Infrastructure

Arenas/recreational facilities
Cultural facilities
Administrative buildings
Waste management facilities

Operations and Maintenance

Building/facility inspection and monitoring

Environmental Permitting

Consultation and Engagement

Socioeconomic Studies

Environmental Studies

Climate Change Assessments

Waterpower and Dams

Site Assessment and Remediation

Power Transmission and Distribution


One of our strongest gifts is the information we have gathered directly from the community members and or relationship with the communities we have partnered with. Learning how to work with community members, elders and the wider population overseeing us to provide overall direction has made all the difference when it comes to approval of proposed strategies.

The communities we work with guide our decisions of what a project may do, or does not do, it guides us as which direction we go in or the direction we decide not to take, learning to listen to the voices who live on the land humanizes engineering. Projects are for people and their benefit, this is why we think and act differently. Other companies use footage they have purchased from stock footage sites, our footage is from us being out on the land, we live and work there.

Our scientific and engineering teams work closely with indigenous communities to solve strategic issues and make strategic decisions from an indigenous communities perspective.

Embracing the vast intricacies and the requirements of individual communities - What are they saying? How are we listening to the broader community? - We believe there is a requirement and need to have a direct connection to the community to ensure that community voices are incorporated at every level. And we ensure that.


The pressure of being an indigenous led firm is high, and we are happy to take on that pressure with an in depth knowledge of having lived on the land and bringing that background to our business. From socio-economics to mitigation, we know the science to follow when you are thinking of adding a bridge over where fish spawn, we know how breaking ground for a hockey arena can require an update of a community’s infrastructure and require civil engineers.

We recognize that the management of natural resources is an important priority, not only for our clients, but for Canada and the rest of the world. Recognizing that how we live on our lands impacts our local and wider environments has made us take a different approach. We offer a broad range of environmental services for projects.

We try to balance the view on the natural environment but equally important is trying to understand - how are people doing? And how is this going to change peoples lives? Positively and negatively, the immediate impacts, the near stream impacts and far future impacts. That reality is the driving force for how we take on and implement projects.

We base our process off of your communities values, protocols and laws. We understand what those protocols are, how the Indigenous government itself works and how they work directly with the community to gain feedback and input.

Every community has their own protocols, we understand that differently than other firms.


Using our knowledge of your history, culture, your values, aspirations and our understanding of the governments of Indigenous Peoples - We develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships - with Indigenous Peoples and businesses.

Safety is built into the lifeblood of our relationship with indigenous partners. We safeguard people, assets and our natural environment. As we are taught by our elders we do the right things and are accountable for our actions. We work together and embrace everyone’s unique contributions and those partnerships have led to the amazing results we see, of which everyone can take pride in.

Through engaging early, openly and honestly we deliver reliable, innovative solutions that enhance the development and success of Indigenous businesses and help our partners build sustainable economies in Indigenous communities.

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